Facebook Analytics is being shut down – time for panic?

Facebook Analytics is getting shut down for good on 30 June 2021. This, however, isn’t the worst news you’ll be hearing this year when it comes to analytics programs being retired into the recycle bin in the sky (IOS cookies and the like). 

What is (was) facebook analytics?

It was a knee jerk reaction by the tech company to compete with Goole Analytics for websites. It gave users a ‘simplistic’ view into how their page was performing with key breakdowns into age, gender etc. Facebook achieved the analytics through a pixel that allows marketers to track conversion progress across multiple pages. With recent changes to Apple and the likely cookie changes to Google, this has become exceedingly difficult. The giant has probably decided it’s easier to part ways with its cookie/pixel tool as quiet and discreet as possible.

How do I still get reporting?

There are plenty of options still available to you; you’re able to use Facebooks:

  • Business Suite to manage your Facebook and Instagram business accounts; this can give you insights into your audience, content and trends. However, this is not available for all accounts yet
  • Ads Manager to manage all details regarding Facebook campaigns, ad sets and ads, including results
  • Events Manager to manage additional tools such as the Facebook pixel, conversion APIs and further details on actions taken on the web, app and physical shop

Do I panic?

No need, if you’re using analytics every day and you’re worried as to how you can live your life without it – go to the Facebook Business Support centre and get yourself set up on one of the above. YouTube some tutorial or guides on the tool, and you’ll find in no time that you no longer need it. Just don’t leave it to the last minute, as the deadline is ticking. 

If you’re anxious, please do feel free to reach out via our contact us form to discuss what we can do to help with your analytics.

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